CBC Vision Series

CBC exists to be committed disciples of Jesus, marveling at the Gospel daily, for all people everywhere. 

Currently Pastor Chris is teaching through our church vision statement on Sunday mornings. Week by week, he is covering essential doctrinal truths to help anchor us to our true identity in Christ. From indwelling sin to the challenges of loving our enemies, this series hits home for every believer to help us better understand how to live in light of the Gospel.

 As Tim Keller so well said,  “The Gospel is not just the “ABCs” but the “A-to-Z” of the Christian life.” 


9/17/17               Introduction: CBC Vision Statement

9/24/17               Committed Disciples of Jesus

10/01/17             Marks of a Committed Disciple

10/08/17             Our Identity in Christ

10/15/17             Free to Follow Jesus

10/22/17             Romans 12:1-2, Part 1



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